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Push Back Systeem

Push Back pallet racking is a product that combines the benefits of drive-in racking with pallet live storage. Using Push Back you can access up to four pallets deep from one face. Ideally suited to order picking operations it enables areas of rack backing onto a wall to be fully utilised.

Up To Four Pallets Deep

Push Back comprises special rack beams and subframes running from front to back in each bay. The fabricated subframes have wheels that run in captive tracks, and as the rear rack beam is slightly higher than the front the subframe comes to rest at the front of the bay.

Standard Fork Lift Trucks

When a standard fork lift truck places the first pallet in a bay it sits on the subframe. Putting a second pallet into the bay pushes the pallet on the subframe back. Lowering the pallet onto the beams prevents the first pallet from rolling forward.

Moves Easily

The Push Back frames support the pallet around its perimeter so it moves easily, either when being pushed back or once the front pallet is removed. Gravity does the rest, remove the front pallet and the rear pallet rolls forward slowly and safely.


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