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columns Joists Decking

Columns - A

Typically columns are made of boxed section steel. However, more heavily loaded and multi-tiered floors may benefit from
a universal column section design. The standard column has a square base plate
to spread the floor loading and a cap plate to support the floor's beams. Columns may also have sway bracing for added rigidity. 

Beams - B

Beams are ‘I’ section steel members that run across the top of the columns sitting on the cap plates. They can be any length and are securely bolted to the columns. 

Joists - C

Joists run at right angles to the beams and support the decking. Joists vary in length and rating depending on the use of the floor. They will sit on the beams or be located between the beam webs to reduce the floor's depth. 

Decking - D

The decking or floor surfacecan be chipboard, open steel grid or steel plate. For particle board applications we use a 38mm thick, tongued and grooved, high density industrial floor panel which can be supplied in a number of hard wearing finishes including natural, non-slip grey, ‘flek’ or lacquered. The underside of the deck can also be finished in a white melamine to improve the light reflecting qualities of the board, or in a white or silver Class ‘O’ foil. 

handrail staircase Pallet gate Fire protection

Handrail - E

For safety reasons, all open edges of a mezzanine must be protected by a physical barrier. This will normally be a hand and knee rail system, 1.1m high, fixed around the open edges of the floor.

A number of designs and finishes are available. Choose from tubular, square, stainless steel, chromium plated or galvanised handrail, depending on your preference. The system is supplied with a galvanised steel kick plate as an additional safety precaution. Mesh or perforated steel infill panels can also be added, with their height extending to 3m or more, as required. 

Staircase / Catladder - F

Access to the platform for people
will require a stairway, which will be constructed from steel and conform to the building and fire regulations. We have two standard widths, with non-slip treads and integral handrail. For floors which will be accessed for maintenance purposes only,
a cat ladder may be used instead of a staircase, saving valuable space. 

Pallet Gate - G

Acess to the platform for goods or product will require some form of lifting device; a conveyor, a goods lift or a forklift truck. In the case of the forklift truck a pallet gate will ensure that no one can fall off the floor when it is being loaded or unloaded. 

Fire protection / Partitioning - H

Cladding added to the steelwork will provide fire protection and improve appearance. Up to two hour fire protection can be achieved.

Storage and work space applications tend to dictate open platforms, office space would involve adding partitioning. Redifloor can supply a wide selection of partitioning products to suit your needs. 


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